Thursday, March 17, 2005

To the fellow whose product didn't win the Jolt, and who buttonholed me afterwards to tell me how much better your product's features were than the winner's:

Don't do that.

Next year I'll probably be judging your product again. I promise you that I will try as hard as I can next year to forget what you said. Nor will I tell the other judges who you were.

So show some class, OK? Thank you.

8:41 AM


at 1:14 PM David Dossot said...

Now, this is un-cool.

Maybe vendors need to know that we are Jolts Judges, not Jury Members. The big difference is that we decide for ourselves, we do not have to reach for a negotiated consensus.

Thus, if a product gets a Jolt, it is not because one influential person has been pushing it, but because a majority voted for.

at 2:45 PM Pennie said...

Oh c'mon. Tell us who it was.
And if not that, at least tell us which category!

It's not nice to tease!