Monday, March 14, 2005

How often have you asked yourself: "how can I test this" or "should I really test that"? Then concluded that testing of such or such component was impossible or useless, which left you with a bitter feeling of incompleteness?

Rejoice! Joe Rainsberger masterly addressed these questions today in a full-day tutorial during which he first demystified many prejudices about J2EE testing then presented how to implement these tests with in-depth programming sessions.

Here are a few tips in case you missed this cool presentation:

  • test only what makes sense to test (assume that J2EE vendors do their job on testing their part),
  • test everything that makes sense to test (do not assume that test blind spots are an option),
  • have your tests running fast enough so they can run often.
Okay, this is pretty general, so here are some more technical hints:
  • always program to interfaces so you have a chance to subsitute an implementation with another one,
  • follow the Hollywood Principle and avoid Service Locators when designing your application (this will increase the capacity to substitute an implementation with another one, while reducing overall dependencies between components and technologies),
  • when testing, use mock objects to replace complex infrastrutural components with implementations that act the same way,
  • Models, Views and Controllers can all be tested outside of a J2EE container, so test them all,
  • have your views produce XHTML so you can leverage XPath for testing them,
  • do not be afraid of the database: after all it is just a repository, you can mock-it up!
  • when testing messaging, use the simplest available implementations of a message call in Java, i.e. method calls.
Joe provided many more advices but I am still too overwhelmed to be able to write them all down! So I hope some of the audience members could post some more hints in the comments of this topic.

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